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Toon Weasel Avatar

A cute toon weasel appears!


This model is VR Chat ready and comes with the Unity file needed to upload in VRC.


This model comes with visemes, several different facial expressons, hand gestures, full body ready, and dynamic bones. (Note: dynamic bones requries the Dynamic Bone Unity asset.) Also comes with a toggleable top hat, bow tie, and egg. You can toggle the hat on your head and also hold it in your hand.


For updates and news on current and furture avatars, join my discord here:


Video by the awesome Coopertom. Check his twitter out here: @thecoopertom



  • Unity file needed to upload to VRC.
  • FBX file of the model.
  • Texture files for the model.





  • You may not share, redistribute, or sell this model.
  • You may not claim this work as your own.
  • If you want to sell a customized version of this model, such as custom textures or other modifications, both you and the purchaser must own the Toon Weasel Avatar.
  • If you upload this model as public in VR Chat, you must include the credit quad found in the model. You may not change or modify the credit quad.

Toon Weasel Avatar

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